Attic Ventilation -

Attic Ventilation

Studies have suggested that 90% of homeowners have no idea that their home attic needs to be ventilated. Unfortunately, this absence of attention results in numerous problems within the home’s insulation & roofing systems. An unventilated attic can make your energy costs skyrocket, & might destroy your roof without you knowing it.

Attic Ventilation Portland Oregon

Common roofing problems like:

•Ice Dams
•Wood Rot

Can be prevented with a properly ventilated attic. Problems will go unnoticed for years since few people spend any real time there & such problems are only recognized when it is too late. By no longer neglecting the needs of your attic, you’ll save thousands in repairs later on.
Most attics have soffit vents which are built-in when the house was designed. These vents pull out the stagnant, damp air that’s accumulated in the attic & out into the surrounding atmosphere, while drawing fresh air inside. While the vents work well, neglect from the homeowners can cause debris build-up, including bird nests, limiting the natural air flow.

Adding Ventilation


By contacting Js Roofing, we can not only remove the debri build-up, but install more vents in order to help aerate the attic. Rafter vents are often placed in the rooftop increase air flow as well. These, along with the soffit vents, can greatly improve the atmosphere of your attic. InsulationDuring the winter, the heat produced in the home can seep into the attic, leading to snow melting, causing ice dams. In the summer, your costs will be higher because the heat coming from the attic is going to make it harder to maintain the cool air for the rest of the house. For this reason Js Roofing, recommends checking your insulation more than once a year to prevent any problems. If the insulation is damaged, missing or simply old, we will come out and do a brand new installation. Roofs which are estimated to last decades may need to get replaced in just a few years, or shingles might buckle & crack from moisture, if you don’t keep with a regular maintenance schedule. Contact us today to set up an appointment.






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