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20 November 2014

Be sure you are protected by understanding your roof replacement guarantees

Not all roof replacement guarantees are alike. Nor are they necessarily everything they appear to be with only a cursory review of the terms. There are many things that can affect roof replacement guarantees and although the prominent language may appear to promise certain things the old adage “the devil is in the details” applies. So how do you really know what you are really being guaranteed?

Roof Replacement Guarantees vs. Guaranties

To start things off we need to first straighten out word usage. These two words, guarantee and guaranty, sound alike and seem to be interchangeable. To make things even more confusing they have very similar meanings. In essence they both refer to an action by one person or entity toward another that provides either a security or a service. The difference is that a guaranty (a legal term) provides for a security that protects a person’s right according to a legal provision or law while a guarantee is an agreement between two parties regarding the securing of a possession or ensuring that workmanship is done properly. Still confused about roof replacement guarantees? Read on, we’ll explain.

Who is Protected and How

Roof replacement guarantees are formal assurances that the roofing contractor’s workmanship meets a certain set of standards or specifications. These are typically offered by a contractor, installer or other service oriented organization. But, don’t get the roof replacement guarantee confused with a roof’s product warranty! The roofing material warranty is the written guarantee given to the purchaser by a manufacturer regarding the assurance of a material’s durability over some period of time. In each of these cases certain conditions usually apply that limit the liability of the installer or manufacturer to specific articles of performance as stated in the contract.

Know What You Are Getting

It is imperative that you know what you are getting when having a new roof installed. Roof warranties come in all types and are not simply limited to a period of years. In order for a warranty to be valid, the warranty registration form must be filled out by the purchaser (usually the home or building owner) and then sent in directly to the manufacturing company – regardless of what the contractor may say. Typical asphalt shingle warranties extend for 25, 30 and 40 years. Under material warranties, shingle replacement costs are prorated according to the age of the defective shingles. But be careful as the material warranty only has to do with manufacturing defects in the shingle and has nothing to do with the installation. If there is an error made in the installation process the manufacturer’s material warranty does not cover it, but an installer’s roof replacement guarantees will. Purchasing an extended material warranty may net you more reimbursement, depending upon the language in the policy. These extended warranties require the installer to be a certified contractor and if a roof is not installed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines the limited warranty as well as the extended warranty could be voided from the very outset. That is why you need to ensure the installing contractor carries liability insurance as a part of any roof replacement guarantees.

JS Roofing Portland is a certified roof installer through the State of Oregon. They have ironclad roof replacement guarantees and offer good manufacturers material warranties on all of the products they use. If you are looking to replace your roof, call them for a no nonsense, no obligation quotation. You can feel secure that JS Roofing Portland will be working for you, always with your best interests in mind.

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