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31 October 2014

A home undergoing a total roof replacement

When it comes to your home or business property no one wants to spend more than necessary on repairs or a total roof replacement. Of all the components of a building, the roof is one of the more crucial for keeping elements out of the structure that can end up causing extensive and expensive damage. In the case of a roof, it is especially important to determine whether it should be simply repaired or partially or total roof replacement.

Total Roof Replacement or Roof Repair

Upon visual inspection, if the roof covering appears weathered but not badly worn or has broken, missing or bowed shingles, roof repair may be all that is needed to maintain its integrity. On the other hand, if more significant damage is apparent or suspected a professional roofer will need to conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if a total roof replacement is necessary. The replacing of shingles due to heavy wind affects or other physical activity causing relatively minor damage is fairly easy to do by simply substituting the tattered, split or otherwise damaged shingles with new ones. If damage is more significant but isolated to one part of the roof area then a partial re-roofing is in order, although slight color differences between the old and new sections of roof will be apparent for a while until the newer section has a chance to age. Lastly, a total roof replacement is necessary when partial replacement is not sufficient to restore the roof structure to a proper, protective state.

Consider Total Roof Replacement Cost Savings

Costs are always a consideration when a partial or total roof replacement is contemplated. On a cost per square foot basis, partial roof replacement is more expensive than that of a total roof replacement. Additionally, there may be unexpected issues with a partial roof replacement such as a lopsided ridge effect where the new section does not continuously match that of the old, creating a visible hump at the ridge or the inability of obtaining matching roof materials due to obsolescence or other supply issues. Even if only part of the roof is showing signs of wear, with all things considered, it may be worth considering a total roof replacement.

Let a Professional Roofer Help You Decide

JS Roofing Portland can determine quickly what type of roof repair is needed. Their service area covers the greater Portland, Oregon area including Beaverton, Lake Grove, Lake Oswego and West Linn. JS Roofing Portland will consider the several variables of roof covering repair and propose the best solution for restoring its integrity, if the old roofing material should be removed or simply added to and a total roof replacement a cost comparison. The bottom line is that the choice may come down to saving a little bit of money up front by not having a total roof replacement versus experiencing far greater expenses a little further down the road if only a repair is decided upon.

For more information contact JS Roofing Portland • 620 SW 5th Avenue, Portland Oregon 97204 • 503-841-9377 •

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