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5 September 2014
Avoid roofing scams with JS Roofing Portland

JS Roofing Portland (CCB# 185267) licensed, bonded and insured

The summer and autumn seasons are a perfect time to consider roof work and gutter replacement. During this period rains are minimal and you can feel confident that when the heavy rainy season comes you are prepared for whatever Mother Nature has to throw at your roof. Unfortunately, there are some so-called “contractors” out there that are less truthful than we would like and are only out to take financial advantage of unsuspecting homeowners. To avoid roofing scams, read on.

How to Avoid Roofing Scams

The best way to avoid roofing scans and being “taken” by a unqualified “contractor” in Oregon is to ensure that they are properly licensed through the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB). The Oregon CCB website states “Oregon law requires anyone who works for compensation in any construction activity involving improvements to real property to be licensed… This includes roofing … and most other construction and repair services.” The written and practical examinations are rigorous and thorough and qualification scores are high, so one can be fairly confident that the contractor is legitimate. Every Oregon contractor is required to not only have a CCB number but must prominently display their number on company vehicles and in all advertising, marketing, and sales literature including business cards. An active, valid CCB number is the first thing you should look for to avoid roofing scams. You can put your trust in JS Roofing Portland. Not only are we licensed (JS Construction & Roofing Specialists LLC CCB# 185267), boded and insured; we are experienced in all aspect of roof inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement.

What to Watch Out For

If you conduct adequate due diligence in selecting your roofing contractor you have no need to fear and will avoid roofing scams. Although some of these marketing and sales efforts are legitimate, here are a few things to be watchful for:

• High-pressure sales tactics (often include time constraints)

• Advertising low-cost cleaning services (then charge much more for additional work)

• Misrepresentation as being associated with well-known local companies (always call the local company to verify)

• Offer a discount for those that pay with cash (if you pay cash in advance you may never see them or you money again)

• Go door-to-door, saying they’re working nearby and can therefore provide a discount off the usual price

The bottom line is anyone can pretend to be a contractor, so check their license and avoid roofing scams. You can count on JS Roofing Portland to be reputable, highly skilled, efficient and conduct business in a professional manner from start to finish. JS Roofing provides top notch roofing services roof Beaverton, Lake Oswego and the greater Portland, Oregon area.

 For more information contact JS Roofing Portland • 620 SW 5th Avenue, Portland Oregon 97204 • 503-841-9377 • http://jsroofingportland.com/

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