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Avoid Roofing Scams and Other Problems

The summer and autumn seasons are a perfect time to consider roof work and gutter replacement. During this period rains are minimal and you can feel confident that when the heavy rainy season comes you are prepared for whatever Mother Nature has to throw at your roof. Unfortunately, there are some so-called “contractors” out there […]

Roof Cleaning of Molds, Funguses and Pests is Important

Molds, mildew, funguses and pests are waging an ongoing war with your roof. It is important that roof cleaning of molds and these dangerous issues is done regularly. If you don’t take action to remedy the situation and “nip it in the bud” it will become progressively worse. These are no passive threats and should […]

25 August 2014
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Roof Covering Failure is Expensive to the Pocketbook

There are many features one might find attached to a structure’s roof that can contribute to roof covering failure. These could include a chimney, air vents from the interior of the structure, communications hardware (such as satellite dishes, television antenna, etc.), skylights, flashing, gutters and so forth. Hardware used to secure any feature to a […]

22 August 2014
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Roof Leaks are a Building’s Worst Enemy

It goes without saying that older homes are prone to potential water damage due to roof leaks. What you might not have considered is that your home may be suffering from water damages without your knowledge due to undetected leaks occurring right now. Leaks in roofs are not always self-evident and can be quite difficult […]

7 August 2014
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New Home Roofs Are Not Trouble Free

This may come as a surprise to you, but, you know that newly constructed house you just bought or are about to buy? The one that the city or county inspector just signed off on? Build by a well-known and experienced contractor in your area? It looks so clean and neat and smells like the […]