Powered Vents -

Powered Vents 

Powered Attic Ventilation:

One of the best ways to draw unwanted heat out of an attic is the installation of powered vents. A Res_Solar_Star_4powered vent has a fan of varying sizes that is tied into your electrical system to draw heat and moisture out of your attic space.

Ventilation Experts:

When dealing with attic ventilation issues, choosing an expert is a must. Improper attic ventilation can be a disaster that lead to extremely expensive repair bills in the future. An experts will calculate the volume of your space and how much air movement is needed to properly ventilate your space.

Solar Powered Vents:

Solar Power Vents are powered that rely on the sun’s energy to power the fan built into it. This will reduce your solar-star-roof-mount-ventselectrical usage and reduce expenses of wiring the vent into your electrical system. We are happy to tell you about all of your options when we find out more about your needs.


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