Pressure Washing -

Roof Cleaning

We provide industry leading practices when cleaning roofs whiroof-maintenance-portlandch is reliant on environmentally friendly cleaning, agents and a “Soft Wash” Low Pressure cleaning method.This process the process recommended by the leading roofing manufacturers and all the roof cleaning authorities in North America. This method will restore your roof without causing any damage to the delicate roofing material. Where the need arises that we need to walk on your roof, we are fully trained in safety methods that ensure no risk to our safety. At Js DSCN0210Roofing, our goal is to help you get more years from your roof. That’s why we also have an air system to gently clean off the debri and let the rain wash away the moss, lichen and fungus after the roof treatment apply. Air and rain are much more gentle to clean cedar shakes, depending on the amount of debri collecting on your roof, you might need to Air Blow twice a year or as little as once every 3 to 5 years.



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