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28 September 2014
Roof replacement and repairs

Workers conducting roof replacement and repairs

A Good Roof Inspection is the First Step in Roof Replacement and Repair!

Considering the roof is a silent protector against the elements and must to be respected for its worth and treated accordingly, the issue of roof replacement and repairs needs attention. Ever seen an old, dilapidated roof while diving down the road? It looks very weathered, is missing many shingles or tiles and probably has moldy fungus and goodness knows what else growing throughout. Not the ideal roof condition by far! Of course, you would never let a roof go to that extreme, right? The truth is the adage “out of sight, out of mind” often applies more times than not here. Although a roof is rarely “out of sight” it is very often “out of mind”. Why? Because, quite frankly, we rarely, if ever, look up. If you are like most people you probably haven’t done this in quite some time, either. So take a moment, go outside and look up to make a quick examination regarding roof replacement and repairs. Go ahead – do it now, we’ll wait.

Roof Replacement and Repairs?

So, what did you see? Maybe it looks spectacularly great. If so, congratulations – your roof is most likely in good shape and will last through the upcoming winter weather. On the other hand, maybe it is not so pretty looking. This is the case with most roofs, so you are not alone. At this point, there are two immediate questions to answer:

  1. What is wrong with the roof covering and (hopefully not) the underlying structure?
  2. Of the two choices – roof replacement and repairs – which is really needed?

The answer to the first question is an easy one. Have a roof inspection done by a certified roof inspector. All roofing companies, including JS Roofing Portland, can do this. In the case of JS Roofing Portland, if you follow-up with them to have the roofing work done in a timely manner the inspection is free. Otherwise, companies charge a modest fee for the inspection. Unless you are personally in the roofing business it is highly recommended that you hire a professional for this inspection because they are trained in what to look for throughout the roofing system and know what further action, if any, needs to be taken. And, this is the best way to determine the answer to our second question regarding roof replacement and repairs.

There are several factors involved in determining whether or not a roof should be repaired or replaced:

  1. It may just need simple covering-piece replacement to patch against leaks
  2. Perhaps a more extensive partial re-roofing is in order to repair large damaged areas
  3. Or, has the whole roof simply “gone” beyond repair and needs a total overhaul by replacement?

These situations should not be considered lightly. You have probably heard the phrase “Don’t throw good money after bad (fill in the blank).” That certainly applies to roof replacement and repairs. With some roofs one can make all the “repairs” in the world and the roofing system will still not be adequate because what it really needs is a replacement. So, take a lesson here and don’t shy away from a replaced roof, if one is needed. Down the road you will be really glad you did.

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