Roof Moss Treatment -

Roof Moss Treatment

Less than 3% of the wood mass has oil in it to begin with. The reason contractors have always used oil is because the cedar shake appear to be drying out. But they are actually just severely damaged by theDSCN0691 micro fungi growing on the south side. A good example that proves that point is this: A roof that is only 15 years old, having never been treated with anything, will need many repairs and sometimes needs to be replaced. However, under each of the metal flashings and vents there is a streak running down the roof. This is due to zinc leaching out of the metal every time it rains. The cedar shake beneath that flashing are fine and still have years of life left in them. Yet the cedar shake sitting right next to it are so damaged that they can be crushed with your fingers (as if they had dried out). The zinc leaching out is acting as a fungicide. So the longevity has nothing to do with oil, it’s just a matter of reducing the amount of growth within the shake. Let us increase the value of your home and the longevity of your roof with a truly environmentally responsible cedar-roofing-portlandroof treatment. Roof moss, algae and lichen are a common problem on the west coast, particularly on the north side of roofs, as well as other areas that are shaded from the sun. If left untreated roof moss will retain water, lift your shingles and destroy the integrity of your roof. Our goal as roof cleaning and maintenance specialists is to preserve the roof you have for years to come, saving you the cost of replacement, that’s why Js Roofing carries 3 and 5 year no leak warranty’s.










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