New Home Roofs Are Not Trouble Free

7 August 2014

This may come as a surprise to you, but, you know that newly constructed house you just bought or are about to buy? The one that the city or county inspector just signed off on? Build by a well-known and experienced contractor in your area? It looks so clean and neat and smells like the brand new home that it is. These new home roofs could not possibly have anything go wrong, right? Wrong! If you’ve been thinking that new home roofs are trouble free, then think again!

New Home Roofs Have Problems, Too

Newly constructed homes are not immune to roofing issues – many of which can be resolved by the contractor before you close the deal and actually move into the home. A certified home or roof inspector can often find problems through a roof inspection that are not intuitively obvious to the contractor or even the building inspector; like problems caused by taking shortcuts and builder oversights during the construction process. When it comes to home deterioration issues, water is the enemy; and one of the most common problems of new home roofs is that they can and do leak.

Stealthy Roof Leaks

Have you ever heard of a house that “ate the family”? We have. Nickel-and-diming away cash, ruining home furnishings and creating expensive repairs down the road, these water related problems are often not readily visible. How so? Remember the lady who found her baby covered in water that leaked through her roof? Well, consider this. New home roof problems include leaks that are stealth by nature. The entry point of the water through the roofing material could actually be on the other side of the house from where the water is discovered leaking through the ceiling. Why? After finding an entrance through the roof covering material, water often travels along roof truss members and beams, along wall top plates and then puddles atop ceiling materials or inside of walls before it is noticed leaking into the interior of the home.

JS Roofing Portland inspects new home roofs to ensure your piece of mind and make roof repair or replacement recommendations with estimated costs at very competitive pricing. As the premier roofing specialists in the greater Portland, Oregon area we take pride in the high quality of roofing and roof ventilation services we will provide for you.

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