Roof Cleaning of Molds, Funguses and Pests is Important -

29 August 2014

Proper roof maintenance is important to the life of your roof

Molds, mildew, funguses and pests are waging an ongoing war with your roof. It is important that roof cleaning of molds and these dangerous issues is done regularly. If you don’t take action to remedy the situation and “nip it in the bud” it will become progressively worse. These are no passive threats and should always be taken seriously. Failure to act in a timely manner will cause expensive repairs down the line. Fortunately a good, thorough roof cleaning of molds and other substances will often resolve the issue. However, if the situation has deteriorated too far a roof replacement may be necessary.

Molds and Funguses Create Serious Health Hazards

Would you drink tainted water? Probably not. Doing so would make you sick and in the worst cases … well we won’t go there, but you get the idea. Did you know that things growing on, under or in your roof covering could pose an equal threat? And not just to your roof, but to the inhabitants of a structure – humans, animals and plants. As these growths increase they will cause deterioration of the roof in many ways: material uplift, a decrease in roof life, invasion under the roof covering and into the structure to name a few. Spores from these growths may become airborne and result in respiratory problems. A good roof cleaning of molds and fungus growth is your best bet in protecting roofs from these effects. In worst cases black molds will spread throughout the structure. If they become invasive enough the building could be condemned and a citation issued with potential demolition as the end result.

Pests are Sneaky and Can be Dangerous

Insects, birds, snakes and other critters can cause irreparable damages to a structure, including the roof system. These pests are especially dangerous if they take up residence in or around the roof system causing blockages of water flows and air distribution. For example, bees can build hives in an attic that block air vents. Birds may build nests near roof ventilation exit screens preventing proper air exchange. Termites can destroy the interior structure of the truss system that supports the roof. Squirrels may carry nuts and other substances into an attic and store them above soffits covering a roof overhang. Roof rats are prevalent in older homes and can carry diseases that can be fatal. Any pest infestation will eventually cause unwanted issues of various types. It is best to deal with these threats as soon as they are discovered. A roof cleaning of molds and critters will help remedy the situation.

Roof Cleaning of Molds, Funguses and Pests

An inspection and annual roof cleaning of molds by JS Roofing Portland will give you peace of mind that your roof is mold, mildew, fungus and pest free. Or, if there is any indication of an invasion of your roof areas, they can advise you on how to proceed. A few more reasons why an annual roof inspection and maintenance is so important. Just sayin’. Call JS Roofing Portland today so you can have peace of mind tomorrow.

For more information contact JS Roofing Portland • 620 SW 5th Avenue, Portland Oregon 97204 • 503-841-9377 •

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