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Aged roofing material needing repair or replacement

There are many features one might find attached to a structure’s roof that can contribute to roof covering failure. These could include a chimney, air vents from the interior of the structure, communications hardware (such as satellite dishes, television antenna, etc.), skylights, flashing, gutters and so forth. Hardware used to secure any feature to a roof must be firmly attached in a solid and stable way in order for the equipment or system to be safe and function properly. Sometimes the attachment hardware is installed incorrectly or may cause roof covering failure over time. This will lead to water penetration through the roof covering and raises the probability of damage to the interior of the building, usually in the very near future. Additional roof covering failure results from aged and degraded roofing materials.

Post Installation Puncture & Penetration

During and following the installation of new roofing materials, “add-ons” can disrupt the integrity of the roof covering. For example misplaced nails or screws poking through the sheathing is an all too common error in new construction and additions. Similarly, attachment hardware may compromise the roof covering’s material integrity over time. These installation errors may not seem like a big deal when they first happen but, over time, they can be the source of roof covering failure and expensive headaches in the future.

Roof Covering Failure & Shrinkage

Another issue to be considered is that as the roofing covering material ages it will become rigid and brittle due to the elements such as heat, water and ultra violet radiation that constantly beats down upon it. Being constantly subjected to this bombardment can also cause roof covering failure. A quick visual inspection will reveal a potential or existing problem. The more common clues include material uplift, blistering, curl and blow-offs or missing material. If any of these items are observed on your roofing material it is important that you contact a certified roofer soon for an inspection. Waiting is usually not an option, as the condition will rapidly deteriorate such that any repairs will become increasingly more expensive as time goes on.

JS Roofing Portland is a certified roofing contractor that employs professional roof installers and are experts at roof covering failure fixes. They love what they do and want you to have a safe and healthy roof. Give them a quick call if you notice anything abnormal about your roof and they will make it right for you in no time.

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