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Attic airflow and roof ventilation

It goes without saying that older homes are prone to potential water damage due to roof leaks. What you might not have considered is that your home may be suffering from water damages without your knowledge due to undetected leaks occurring right now. Leaks in roofs are not always self-evident and can be quite difficult to discover, especially for the layperson.

Roof Leaks and Moisture

All roofs, no matter how new or watertight, will suffer some level of roof leaks and water invasion at a point down the road. It is just one of those little facts of building ownership that we simply cannot get away from. Unfortunately, small water leaks can turn into costly repairs within a relatively short period of time; so it is important to do roof repairs as soon as possible. Three common culprits are improper water channeling, water collecting into cavities and inadequate ventilation. All of these issues can be easily and affordably corrected, if discovered soon enough. So it really pays to know what is happening with your roof leaks now, preventing a big expense later.

Water Channeling and Collecting

Water is an interesting substance. As a fluid it has no bounds and can travel into the most unlikely places from far away. It does not respect barriers unless they are made completely watertight. The slightest weakness will allow water breakthrough and can be a potential for roof leaks and roof covering failure. The proper channeling of water is essential to the preventing of roof covering penetrations resulting in  roof leaks. That is why adequate flashing and water delivery systems away from roofs and foundations are so important. Not only do these components allow for water to keep moving, avoiding dreaded standing water damages, but they also aid in the removal of natural and chemical substances that can be harmful to the life of your roof; pine needle acids and bird excrement are a couple of examples. So water can be a good thing, like the rains rinsing your roof, so long as it is directed away from the dwelling and not allowed to stand around. When a roof covering degrades past a critical point, roof replacement is necessary in order to prevent serious damage to the building.

Improper Ventilation Systems

Even when a proper water delivery system is in place, moisture can build up in attics, crawl spaces and other areas of the building. As such, they have the potential to create unwanted and harmful effects such as the growth of molds and fungus. Proper airflow has the remarkable property of being able to dry out a surface within a relatively short period of time, thereby preventing future secondary water penetration and other problems. Another reason why an annual inspection of roofing systems is recommended. An adequate roof ventilation system is essential to the well-being of your roof.

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