Attic Ventilation

One of the most important considerations when installing your new roof is attic ventilation. In the last twenty years the importance of proper ventilation has become more and more apparent as new technologies have emerged to solve problems associated with ice damn, trapped moisture and heat build-up.

Ridge Vent:

A properly installed ridge vent take into consideration the actual volume of attic space and uses inlet vents to allow proper airflow. This is not something that can be guesses and should be done properly every time. Correcting an issue of airflow after the project has been completed is complicated and expensive.

Traditional “whirlybird” Vents:

You”ve probably see these vents your entire life, but rarely paid attention to them. These vents draw heat trapped in your attic to relieve some of the cooling duties from your air conditioning. There are certain applications where these vents are not ideal, and we will advise you on a proper course for your roof needs.

Powered Vents:

Powered Vents use electric fans to pull heat out of your attic to help with costs associated with cooling. Normally these vents are wired into your home electrical systems, but can also utilize solar energy to power themselves. We offer a full line of solutions and will help you make a decision on your home attic ventilation needs.

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